No Need to Suffer from Sciatic Pain

Saturday, September 12, 2015

If you or someone you know suffers from sciatica, sacroiliac, or low back pain, the information in this newsletter will be of particular interest. Last month, in a workshop I took with Garry Adkins, “Effective Treatments for Sciatica,” we looked at the various reasons why people develop sciatic and low back pain and how it can be treated with stretches and manual therapy.

Sciatic issues can have a variety of causes, but I was surprised to learn that only 5% of sciatic pain involves disc herniation. The primary cause is scar tissue that has formed on certain ligaments of the pelvis. Fortunately,  this scar tissue can be treated effectively with myofascial release therapy. The major cause of low back pain also involves scar tissue of pelvic ligaments. Therefore, treating the back muscles alone may ease pain, but it will not address the root cause of the problem. This workshop enhanced my ability to both access the cause of your pain and to treat it effectively.

Here are some ways that you can address or prevent low back, sacroiliac joint or sciatic pain before it develops:

~Avoid prolonged sitting.

~Be mindful of your posture.

~Strengthen your core.


Click here for a video that shows some simple stretches you can do to relieve chronic sciatic pain.

This year, I plan to again participate in the George Eastman Photo Finish 5K, by walking to raise money for the Rochester Civic Garden Center (RCGC).  If you would like to help sponsor my 5K walk just click on this link or if you are interested, you may make a donation when you come through for a massage session. The deadline is October 3. I also plan to contribute a portion of September’s massage revenue to RCGC, so you can help by just getting on my table. Together we can help to restore the gardens to the full glory of days gone by.

You might recall that last year’s 5K run successfully raised $4,000 to launch the garden restoration project. This year brought quite a few changes as the sunny and shade gardens were given attention and many new plants were added. The restoration project will continue for a few more years. This is a cause that is close to my heart as I have been volunteering at the Warner Castle garden for a number of years. Thank you for your generosity.

Hope to see you on my table soon, for some well-deserved relaxation and renewal.

To Your Health,

Theresa Zink, LMT

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