Thai Yoga Massage Special!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dear Clients,

Spring has sprung! (Or is it summer?) Hope you are enjoying the warmer weather! Isn’t it wonderful to see the Flower City in bloom? Nice to see sunshine and people out and about as well!

I recently attended a Thai Yoga Massage training intensive. Continuing education, for a massage therapist, is great because it provides the opportunity to receive work and also, of course, to enhance one’s own repertoire. I have returned with an full toolbox that I am eager to share with you.

An alternative to table work, Thai Yoga Massage is a partnership between client and therapist. This technique blends yoga with energy balancing and massage. The method actively counterbalances and levers the recipient’s body with the practitioner’s, using breath and directed touch to create greater flexibility and balance.

Thai Yoga Massage is a perfect modality for this time of year, when we become more active with yard work and exercise. During a session, the client is supported in a variety of yoga positions, assisted in stretches, and massaged. Comfortable clothing that allows for movement is recommended. There are few local therapists that have advanced training in this modality; if you haven’t experienced it yet, you have a treat in store.

I am running a Thai Yoga Massage special through July. Book a 1.5 hour session for the price of an hour session. When you book, please specify that you would like a Thai Yoga Massage. Feel free to pass this information to others as well. Word-of-mouth has been the most effective way to share my work with others and you might recall that I have started a referral bonus program. I am happy to give you the details when I next see you.

To Your Health,

Theresa Zink

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