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Dear Clients,

Happy sunshine! I hope that you were able to enjoy the beautiful weather over the weekend!

I am excited to tell you about the organization I have selected for the March charitable giving campaign. Hope Hall is a school that serves students who, in the words of the director, “thought that they didn’t matter and school was not a place for them.” The school’s small class sizes, pacing of material, and delivery of instruction are designed to help students with special learning needs— students who are “educationally stranded” in a traditional school setting— to thrive during their time spent in the classroom and to develop as lifelong learners.

The philosophy of the school is particularly appealing to me because it aligns with my belief that our challenges and differences can be our greatest gifts, if embraced. I am a hands-on learner, which makes massage therapy a natural fit for me. Massage school was a great experience, as I was delighted to find, for the first time, an environment in which my strengths as a learner were celebrated.

During the month of March, I will set aside a portion of my revenue in order to make a donation to Hope Hall. If you would like to contribute further, you can either visit their giving page, or you can contribute the next time you come in for a massage session, and I will add it to the donation I make.

In closing, I wanted to share an inspiring workout video by Zach Anner. When I happened upon his video series, I was struck by his tenacious spirit in spite of the challenges he lives with. We all have our own speed and style, and as he says, “It is better to be walking in the right direction, than running in the wrong direction.” His video is a good reminder to not take ourselves so seriously. Enjoy.

I hope to see you on my table soon, for some well-deserved relaxation and renewal.

To Your Health,

Theresa Zink, LMT